20th National Conference on Solid State Nuclear Track Detectors and Their Applications

   (SSNTDs-20)(October 26-28, 2017)

Organized by:  
Vidya Vikas Institute of 
Engineering and Technology 
In collaboration with 
Nuclear Track Society of India (NTSI) 
C/o Radiochemistry Division, 
Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, 
Mumbai-400 085  
Indian Nuclear Societ\y (INS)  

About SSNTDs and the Conference

Solid State Nuclear Track Detectors (SSNTDs) – A class of passive detectors, developed by R.L. Fleischer, P.B. Price and R.M. Walker in the early 1960s have found numerous applications in various fields of science and technology. SSNTDs have been recognized as very potential and effective tools in exploring various areas of research. The intrinsic features of SSNTDs like low cost , availability, versatility and their remarkable stability have contributed to applications in a wide range of fields opening up new vistas which were practically unthinkable and unbelievable about a decade or two ago. Apart from the direct applications of far reaching consequences in nuclear physics, other areas as diverse as bio-medical sciences, cosmic rays and space physics, environmental research, geochronology and geophysics, materials sciences, lunar science, meteorites and tektites; microanalysis, mine safety, nuclear technology, uranium prospecting and most recently nano/micro technology etc., have been greatly influenced by SSNTDs. They have a very important role to play in radiation measurement, micro technology and dosimetry and thus are potential enough in spreading awareness about the radiation environment and its impact on the general public and the academic peers. In order to disseminate the knowledge generated in this fast growing field, there is a need to bring material science and radiation community on a common platform and discuss various operational and radiation protection aspects.
A three-day National Conference on “Solid State Nuclear track Detectors and Their Applications (SSNTDs-20)” is being organized at Vidya Vikas Institute of Engineering and Technology (VVIET), Mysuru during October 26-28, 2017. This is the twentieth conference in the series of biennial conference being organized in collaboration with Nuclear Track Society of India. The SSNTDs-20 is planned to be a comprehensive conference focusing on various aspects of Solid State Nuclear Track Detectors and their applications. It will feature invited talks, contributed papers and poster presentations. It is aimed to provide a platform for academic and industry professionals to deliberate on recent progress in the area of SSNTDs and applications in diverse fields of science and technology. It is hoped that the conference will provide young and talented students/scientists a forum for presenting their work besides getting exposed to the latest trends and developments in the field. About


Vidya Vikas Institute of Engineering and Technology was started in the year 1997 under the dynamic leadership of Sri Vasu, Hon’ble Chairman, Vidya Vikas Educational Trust and MLA, Chamaraja Constituency,Mysuru, with a mission to produce complete professional with technical as well as personal strength to serve and transform society of the future. This is being achieved through state-of-art educational environment with right investments and initiatives to develop long term relationships with industries, professional and academia to bridge gap between industry and academics. The institution is located near Mysuru-Bannur road spread over a sprawling campus of 65 acres with academic and administrative buildings surrounded by a lush green ambience. Its student-friendly campus with modern infrastructure and facilities complements the beauty and splendour of the historic city of Mysore. The institute is well equipped with laboratories, library and highly qualified and experienced faculty, provides good environment for studies in six major streams of engineering and post graduation. VVIET has an excellent record in placement and training, impressive interaction with industry. Apart from training, the institution organizes Expert talk, Conferences, Seminars, Symposia, Refresher courses and personality development workshops at National and International levels.

The Department of Physics is one of the important departments for engineering students. A thorough knowledge of science plays a key role in the success of engineering education. The department has gone a long way since the inception of engineering college. The department has highly qualified, experienced and dedicated staff. The Department has spacious laboratory and is recognized as ‘RESEARCH CENTRE’ by VTU and is functioning successfully.

The Nuclear Track Society of India (NTSI) was founded as a professional body in the year 1987 as a cohesive group of Material Science Experts, Nuclear and Geo Physicists & Technologists etc, with multifarious objectives. NTSI has been organizing conference on Solid State Nuclear track Detectors and Their Applications biennially with the prime objective to promote meaningful interaction among scientists working on SSNTDs and their applications in diverse fields

Indian Nuclear Society (INS) is a professional society of nuclear scientists and engineers, established in 1988 with the objectives as: i) Promoting advancement of nuclear science & technology and its varied applications, ii) Providing a forum for interaction and exchange of information amongst the public about varied benefits of nuclear science and technology.


Role of Radon in Climatology
>> Environmental Radiation, Health & Related Areas
>> Indoor Radon, Thoron & Progeny Measurements
>> Nuclear and Radioactive Aerosols
>> Radiation Measurements and Dosimetry
>> Environmental Radioactivity
>> Effect of Radiation in Polymers
>> Effect of Radiation on Nanomaterials
>> Radioisotopes and Their Applications
>> Radioisotopes and Their Applications
>> Nuclear Track Filters and Their Applications
>> Instrumentation, Devices and Software